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College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara  ::  Animal Biotechnology

Name Funding Agency Project Duration Total Fund Received Status
Molecular Tying and Virulence Characteristics of Salmonella with Special Reference to Non-host-specific SerovarsDBT, Govt. of India3 YearsRs. 79.05 lakhsCompleted
Creation of an Online Repository of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Resources of North-East India (BABRONE)DBT, Govt. of India3 YearsRs. 28.91 lakhsOngoing
Analysis of Gut Metagenome of Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) with special reference to Identification of Bacteria having Probiotic PotentialDBT, Govt. of India3 yearsRs. 42.48 lakhsOngoing
Study on persistence of Japanese Encephalitis in reservoir host, pig in JE endemic area of Odisha, Manipur and AssamIBSD, Imphal2 yearsRs. 26.73 lakhsCompleted
Generation of DNA vaccine with a mutated capsid gene of porcine circovirus type 2 and evaluation of its immuno-potentialNECBH-Twinning Program, DBT, Govt. of India2 yearsRs. 4.887 lakhsOngoing
In-silico characterization and biological validation of potential peptide vaccines for Salmonella Typhi using the outer membrane protein PagN as targetNECBH-Twinning Program, DBT, Govt. of India2 yearsRs. 2.99 lakhsOngoing
Modelling of indigenous diagnostics and immuno-potent vaccine candidates to combat African swine fever in IndiaDBT, Govt. of India3 yearsRs.22 Lakh Ongoing
Generation of multivalent vectored vaccine against Lumpy Skin Disease in cattle and evaluation of its immunogenic potencyAssam Science, Technology & Environment Council2 yearsRs.8 LakhOngoing
Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF)DBT, Govt. of India14 years67.81 lakhsCompleted
Advanced Level State Biotech Hub (Phase-I)DBT, Govt. of India9 years343.7 lakhsCompleted
M.V.Sc. programme in Animal BiotechnologyDBT, Govt. of India15 years93.44 lakhs +Ongoing
Development of a recombinant subunit vaccine against swine pasteurellosis and evaluation of its immune protective efficacyAssam Science, Technology & Environment Council2 years2.05 lakhsOngoing
Development of a consortium of bacteriophage for phage therapy of necrotic enteritis in poultryEcophage Biotech, Bangalore2 years7.00 lakhsOngoing
‘Promoting advance research and capacity building in biotechnology & allied disciplines through manpower training, mentoring and sharing of infrastructure developed under the Advanced-Level State Biotech Hub’DBT, Govt. of India3 yearsRs. 4.32 croresOngoing
Antibody engineering to develop rapid and cost-effective diagnostics for detection of Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) and Canine Parvovirus (CPV) infectionsAssam Agricultural University, Jorhat3 yearsRs. 25.00 lakhOngoing
Development of a marketable probiotic consortium for poultryAssam Agricultural University2 years15 lacsOngoing
Development of a cost-effective peptide-based indirect ELISA for sero-monitoring of African Swine FeverAssam Agricultural University2 years15 lacsOngoing
Development and evaluation of multiple antigenic peptide-based diagnostic assay for detection of Babesia gibsoni in dogs targeting GPI-encoded protein Assam Science Technology and Environment Council2 years4.6 lacsOngoing

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